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What do you think about having your doctor’s appointment in your own home? That’s Right! Pricision Home Health Care’s goal is to provide nursing services in the comfort of your own home. We strive to meet our goals with our clients in making every situation our #1 priority. We don’t consider the patients with assist clients there considered apart of our family. Pricision Care has been awarded many awards by the state of New York for our unmatchable services we provide.  What makes us special from the rest is we are not a Franchise, nor do we operate as one. We are an independent owned business; our policies and procedures are planned together in house according to the New York State Health Department Law and Regulations and New York State Department of Human Services code and conduct.

We specialize in long term care, short term care, and hospice care. Soon we will be looking to add some rehabilitation services as well. Pricision Home Health Care is very particular in the services we provide. It’s what makes us stand out from the rest. We realize that not every family is the same that’s just why we adapt to your needs, and if you need to relax visiting the olympic kingsway casinos can help with this. We create a treatment plan to fit your medical needs and provide service right at your home. The world is leaning more towards nursing homes and hospital facilities, our goal is to change the way our loved ones are taken care of. We want to eventually have Pricision Home Health Care operating in every state. Why send your loved one somewhere else when they can receive treatment and care in the comfort of there own home!

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